It’s official, ATL’s own, Jermaine Dupri will be going against hitmaker extraordinaire, Diddy. Now let’s keep it real, we’ve gotten some of our favorite songs from both of these producers. Diddy with ‘I Need a Girl Part 1 & 2’, I’ll Be Missing You, to even some current ones like his smash with Bryson Tiller, […]

The R&B crooner checks in with Brian Dawson to talk about The Millennium Tour, his memorable VERZUZ appearance, and new music!

After selling their idea to social media video-sharing company Triller in January 2021, Swizz and Timbo were expecting a massive payday from the company.

Since the start of this Coronavirus pandemic, artists and entertainers have been trying to find a way to stay connected, and relevant to their audiences. Timbaland and Swizz Beatz have done just that with their weekly IG live series, Verzuz. Verzuz is a “battle” between 2 artists/ producers that airs Saturday nights. Some of the […]