Wednesday was a big day for the quarterback turned philanthropist,  Colin Kaepernick. He reached his goal of donating $1 million to organizations that focus on issues in their communities and society, with the help of many of his famous friends matching his donations. Kaepernick started the 10-for-10 project, where he teamed up with 10 other […]

The Met Gala was last night and the celebrities showed out! This is the one night that allows celebrities to express themselves through “art” and wear some pretty extreme things: Coming in at #3 Coming in at #2 And my #1 pick: LaLa is showing Carmelo what hes gonna be missing!!

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Banks hints at a possible cameo from Lindsay Lohan.

Tom Holland is a G! The new Spider-Man jumped to the defense of Zendaya when asked about the criticism she received for her role in Spider-Man: Homecoming (hitting theaters everywhere July 7th, 2017). Last year, rumor broke that Zendaya would be playing Mary Jane Watson, the love interest of Peter Parker. A few fans of the comic […]

The mid-priced collection ($18-$158) is composed of stylish activewear and street style influenced pieces.