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Wednesday was a big day for the quarterback turned philanthropist,  Colin Kaepernick. He reached his goal of donating $1 million to organizations that focus on issues in their communities and society, with the help of many of his famous friends matching his donations.

Kaepernick started the 10-for-10 project, where he teamed up with 10 other athletes, artists, and influencers to donate $10,000 each to an organization of their choice. The former 49ers quarterback then matched all of their donations.

Although Kaepernick reached his goal, the project has gained a lot of interest and attention for others, who would like to participate. In a video posted to Twitter, Kaepernick says “I’ve had so many of my friends reach out and want to be involved and want to support, that we’re going to make this 10-for-10 encore.”

Since announcing the encore, on Thursday, 7 people have donated to the cause including DJ Khaled, Dr. Dre, Diddy, Kobe Bryant, and Zendaya. Keep up the great work Colin, know that the Live Squad supports you!