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MTV News recently caught up with singer Ne-Yo and it looks as though Ne-Yo wants to really get into the acting game.

Ne-Yo said he would like to model his acting career after Tom Hanks. He explains:

“I was quoted as once saying I want to be the black Tom Hanks, and what I mean by that is Tom Hanks is the kind of guy that can do comedy, action, you name it. So I want to be that guy..” Ne-Yo adds, quote, “With that being said, any action movies? Holler at me. Any drama? I can cry on cue. I can do all that.”

What type of  movies you won’t see Ne-Yo in?

He states:

“I think I might be a little too dark. Vampires are normally pretty pale. Maybe I’ll give it a shot.”

Ne-Yo will be starring alongside Cuba Gooding Jr. and Terrence Howard in the film “Red Tails.” He will also appear in the science fiction flick “Battle: Los Angeles” next February. Ne-Yo’s untitled, fourth studio release is expected in stores later this year.

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