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If you haven’t already heard of B-South than I suggest you wake up quick. As many may know Hip hop in North Carolina thrives in pockets of creative counterparts. B-Girl South is an interactive cultural hub where women in hip hop can define their own space.

It’s vital and set to establish a consistency never seen through out this industry. B-Girl South shall embody women of hip hop who influence the culture from the classroom to the stage to directly to those who even influence the lifestyle directly from the corporate office. The site will focus on all things hip hop (including men), while targeting women who embraced hip hop as a best practice method enriched daily fibers.

What’s so amazing is that B-Girl South will provide a network of support and a platform to showcase talent. B-Girl South is a collaborative efforts all across the board to showcase a virtue of dynamics. Prepare yourself to bare witness to B-Girl South you surely will not be disappointed.