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Louisiana rapper Big Unk insists that his life has never imitated his art. The “Go Hard” rapper was arrested in January of this year and charged with possession of 150 pounds of marijuana. Cops in Beaux Bridge, Louisiana also say they found $500,000 worth of jewelry and $72,000 in cash in his home. However, Unk (not to be confused with DJ Unk from Atlanta) insists he is innocent.

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“I was just driving, minding my business and got pulled over, and the things they charged me with is false,” he told “I had no marijuana in my possession and no marijuana in my house. They got money and jewelry, that’s correct but as far as the marijuana charge coming out of my house, I never had none of that in my possession what so ever.”

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Unfortunately, this was not Unk’s first run in with the law. When he was 17 years old he was arrested and charged with attempted murder and served two and half years in prison. Unk, (real name Reggie Smith) began rapping while incarcerated and has since released several projects including Tolerated But Not Hated. The subject matter of his songs walks along familiar lines of hustling, stacking paper and the “fast life”,  themes that make him an easy target for anyone trying to make a case against him.

“I think they probably listen to it and feel like everything we rap about is believable because of how we live or whatever,” says Unk.  “But my situation… I don’t think the law had heard too much about my music until the incident. I think they going back and putting my music on trying to make the story look real, they trying to plan on me.”

Opponents of rap like Unk’s, with a focus on crime and drug dealing, insist that situations like this are just chickens coming home to roost. If you put out a song where you say “I’m trappin like it’s ’93”  shouldn’t you  expect to get profiled? However, Unk insists that isn’t fair.

“I feel we should rap about whatever we want to rap about. That don’t mean we actually doing it,” he counters. “We might know witnesses or seen or did it in our past but that don’t mean we still doing it. Ain’t no different than a movie. They do all the killing on there.”

Unk, also known as “Mr. Real Estate,” has a new “movie” coming out called “Flood Zone,” a mixtape of all new music that he is selling on iTunes and On the tape he has a song called “Pushing Weight” with Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman and his artist Jeff Lynn. While his collaborators have had their own share of legal problems he doesn’t think that that he, or anyone else, should be guilty by association.

“I’m a good dude, I take care of my family and I’m innocent till proven guilty,” says Unk. “You know I believe in God so I don’t think I’m going to be proven guilty. So we looking innocent all the way.”

You can follow him on Twitter @IamMrRealEstate and on his site


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