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Now that Lauryn Hill has announced that she is pregnant with her 6th child, it makes me wonder what will happen to the L. Boogie that we once knew and loved. Laurynn and her long time boyfriend Rohan Marley have 6 children together that range from 3 to 13 years old.

It’s been about 13 years since Lauryn’s debut solo CD “Mis-Education of Lauryn Hill” hit shelves and swept the Grammy Awards by winning five out of ten nominations. Lauryn shook up the world, one song at a time. Fans have been anticipating a follow up CD from Miss Hill for years now and we never seem to get it. There have been talks of a Fugees reunion, public feuds with former group members, hit and miss concert appearances, and sometimes just strange behavior from Laurynn. But through it all one thing that has managed to stay strong is Lauryn’s dedication to her family.

I’m not saying she ows her fans anything, just like any other woman she has the right to have as many children as she wants and raise her family. As an artist, she has done what she was supposed to do. She delivered quality material at a time when no female artist was doing what she was doing. Even until now, no female MC has been able to step up to the bar that L. Boogie raised years ago.

As fans of Lauryn I think we all want her to return to her former self…We all want to know “What happened” and “when is she going to get back to her old self”. But I think it’s time for reality to set in…The Lauryn that we know and love is long gone…The demons that she had to battle in her personal life took her and her art away from us.

I personally don’t think she will ever be able to return to her true form, but I could be wrong…..But what do YOU think…Leave a comment and let me know…