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To America, Oprah Winfrey is the poster child for giving back to the community. She opened a school in South Africa for young girls which has a high graduation rate and has continued to perform other philanthropic works. However, one of her Twitter followers didn’t think so and stepped to Oprah. He didn’t get what he bargained for because Oprah checked him about his comments.

Last night, a man on twitter was going off about how the ghettos of America need to be revitalized. While he had a great point, he had a little bit of misplaced anger. As Oprah was on Twitter tweeting inspirational quotes and having a conversation about spirituality with other followers, the random male tweeter asked Oprah what she had done to give back to the ghetto communities of America. He must have thought she wasn’t going to respond, but she did. Oprah politely shut the man and all of his shenanigans down.

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Oprah tweeted the man back with, “When are u? I’ve put 500 African American men thru college. And u sir?” The man tried to come back at Oprah, but she wasn’t having it and ignored the rest of his tweets.

The Urban Daily did some digging and the man who tweeted Oprah is an unsigned rapper who it seems just wanted the attention to be brought to some social issues in the hood. He claims he just doesn’t want people to forget about helping the hood while they are out building schools in Africa. He does have a point, but going at Oprah is not the way you get it across to people. He’s learning that lesson the hard way because his mentions are in shambles!



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