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B. Reith is  a perfect example  of the evolution of gospel music. It comes in many forms.

With a growing legion of fans on both the pop and urban music formats, Christian rapper B. Reith is set to release a new mix tape that will solidify his position as one of music’s most promising artists. His new project, The Story Continues offers a showcase of  musical dexterity at delivering everything from singing silky pop ballads to edgy, rap rhymes on full blast  and it confirms what music aficionados already know – that he’s one of the most exciting artist on the music landscape today.

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Featuring collaborations with well-known artists like, Wit (producer of Lecrae’s “Church Clothes”), Th3ory Hazit, Dre Murray, Knine, Promise, and upcoming rapper, Isaiah Tate, B. Reith’s new mixtape picks up where his last full-length CD, How the Story Ends left off by delving deeper into hip hop music. The project also features an acoustic cello-beat box remix track from producer Kevin “K.O.” Olusola, from the mainstream accapella group, Pentatonix.   “For whatever reason I am in the season of hip hop, so I have got to get this stuff out,” he says. “My music has been embraced very well by urban music audiences, so I wanted to give them something to connect with these new fans.”

Here is what B Reith had to say to Elev8 :

Hip hop won me over in 7th grade and I never outgrew my passion for it. I love compelling stories, heart felt rhythms and intricate rhyme schemes. Timeless hip hop weaves those plus many other layers together and makes you feel something in your soul. It’s powerful.

I love that hip hop goes beyond music. It’s a culture. It’s a community. It’s a language, and you have to learn the language to decode it. Wordplay, slang, metaphors – the way great MC’s not only rhyme multiple phrases but paint a picture with poetry. It’s an art.

I’m driven by the desire to share the gift that is in me with the world. It must come out. My love for great music is what drives me to create the best music I can possibly create. Beyond that I want to share life and hope with listeners. The world is in pretty bad shape and I aim to say and do something positive about it.

Currently preparing for two nationwide tours: the Move Tour with Jessica Reedy, Da’ Truth and The Ambassador that begins in mid-July, and the Synergy with Mali Music, which will run through the fall, B. Reith is a busy man who is deeply commitment to entertaining his growing fan base. He says, “I am going to be hitting it hard for a while and squeezing it for everything its worth.”

The Story Continues Mix tape is now available as a free download at B. Reith website

B. Reith took time out to build a playlist of music just for you!

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