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Well, it looks like Drake is refusing to go down without a fight in this war of words with Kendrick Lamar, dropping his latest response on Friday night (May 3).

After K. Dot took the gloves off with not one, but TWO diss records this week, many in the hip-hop world were wondering when (or if) the 6 God was going to respond. Drake finally responded in the form of a scathing 7-and-a-half track called “Family Matters.”

In the track, Drizzy went for Kendrick’s jugular with some rather scandalous remarks…including some comments about the Compton MC’s longtime partner, Whitney Alford.

“You say you hate the girls I f*ck but what ya really mean/You the Black messiah wifing up a mixed queen/I been with black and white and everything that’s in between/And hit vanilla cream to help out with ya self esteem/On some Bobby sh*t I wanna know what Whitney need/All that puppy love was over in your late teens.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Drake also mentions the fact that Kendrick and Whitney have yet to be married, despite being engaged for nearly a decade and having two children together. He also notes that Kendrick, allegedly, has been abusive towards her.

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“When you put your hands on your girl/Is it self defense cause she bigger than you/Your back is up against the curb/You digging for dirt/should be digging for proof/Why did you move to New York/Is it cause you living that bachelor life/proposed in 2015 but don’t wanna make her your actual wife/I’m guessing this wedding ain’t happening right.”

Although the track is directly responding to Kendrick, Drake also had some smoke for Future, Metro Boomin, A$AP Rocky, The Weeknd and Rick Ross, who have all jumped in the beef at one point or another.

Well, if Drake wasn’t rap’s “public enemy #1” before… he definitely is now! And considering that Kendrick has ALREADY responded before we could even post this article… Well, stay tuned.

Check out some of the early reactions below!

(And don’t worry,  we’re working on the Kendrick Lamar article as we speak.)