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At long last Rock Star Games has released the latest installment of their chart-topping video game franchise, “Grand Theft Auto” and the world may never be the same.  ”Grand Theft Auto V” is the most expensive video game ever created and has already raked in $800 Million in worldwide retail sales since in 24 hours.

The ultra violent action game is infamous for its body count and life has been imitating art since its release. One man was beaten in London for his copy and others have dressed up as cops trying to skip the line. But the greatest loss of life may be in the real life human population as gamers hole themselves up in bedrooms foregoing sustenance of every kind.

Social networks like Twitter were ablaze with men pledging their love to the game above all others and some women even offering to twerk for a copy.   Here are some of the best ones we’ve found.

“Good-Bye To All Vaginas”: The 15 Best Grand Theft Auto V Tweets  was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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