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People take their video games very seriously. You saw how crazy the world got when Grand Theft Auto V hit the streets a few days ago. People camped out for a whole week for that game. And when people take a video game that seriously, violence is bound to erupt. A married couple in Florida beat up a mentally challenged man and stole his copy of Grand Theft Auto V as soon as he walked into the parking lot after making the purchase.

Mentally handicapped Rohan Dawkins works at a Florida Home Depot, where he saved his money over the course of a month and a half to buy Grand Theft Auto V. Dawkins would take ten dollars from his pay check and take it to a near by Game Stop so that they would hold the store would reserve a copy of the game for him. Once the game was finally released, Dawkins paid his last ten dollars and walked out of the store.

Tommy Davis and his wife Adele Jones snatched the game from Rohan Dawkins as soon as he stepped out of Game Stop. They punched and kicked him until he couldn’t resist anymore. Detective Peter Sosa told local media, “This is what ticks me off. He would come in every week and just give the GameStop ten dollars toward the new game. And then they took it all from him.”

Rohan Dawkins said he bought the game to play with his family. “I wanted to play the game with my sister and my cousins. I was buying it for my family and me.”

However, things quickly turned around for Dawkins. He picked Davis and Jones out of a lineup and the couple was arrested and charged with strong arm robbery.  Police did say the couple did apologize to Rohan Dawkins. And once the community found out what happened to Rohan Dawkins, plenty of people offered to buy Rohan Dawkins another copy of the game.

At least there was some positivity to come out this sad story.



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Couple Beats The Hell Out Of Mentally Challenged Man & Steal His Copy Of GTA V  was originally published on theurbandaily.com