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peter gunz wives With shows like Love & Hip Hop it seems like side chicks are winning….maybe. First we had Joseline taking Steebie J wifey role from Mimi….hell Olivia Pope got more power than the First Lady and now this damn Peter Gunz situation……SMH. Love & Hip Hop NY got Peter Gunz trying to be the new Steebie J. So this one hit wonder  has been in a relationship with his baby mother for 10 years plus but he married his artist and has a relationship with her but she is not suppose to let anybody know they are married…. O_O! Are you as confused as me.. We married but you  want to keep it a secret from your girlfriend. It really make you wonder how real are these reality shows. Do people really do this???? Apparently so….Peter Gunz said he was going to get caught anyway so he might as well get a check for it since his rent was 3 month behind and he was broke… more here.   My question is would you keep your marriage a secret from your husband’s girlfriend? Take our Poll….

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