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When Luther Vandross passed away in 2005, the world lost one of its greatest talents. A singer, songwriter, producer, a vocal genius, and the ultimate showman.

When Luther took to the stage, you took note, and you never forgot. His presence on stage commanded the audience, with nothing more than a microphone, amazing background singers, and that voice.

That unmistakable baritone, those instantly recognizable melodies, the timeless standards, and that voice, full of love, heart and soul, will continue to live on and inspire generations to come.

In honor of the fact that Luther would have been 63 today, we’ve compiled some of his best and most memorable performances.

R.I.P. to a legend, who is gone, but certainly not forgotten.


A House Is Not A Home‘ – The crowd goes wild at Luther’s vocal acrobatics – namely Dionne Warwick


Wait For Love’ – What I love about this one is the use of the background vocalists, while Luther does the choreography with perfect vocals without missing a step.


If Only For One Night‘ with Patti Labelle – These powerhouses were mutual fans of each other, so you know that when they got on stage together it was gonna be a showdown. You’ll kick off a shoe or two watching this one for sure!


For You To Love‘ – Luther was smooth, romantic, and sensual when he wanted to be. This performance proves  just that. He wasn’t called “The Velvet Voice” for nothing. And check out those amazing background singers once again!


That’s What Friends Are For‘ with Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston and Dionne Warwick – With all these legends mentioned, this performance was destined for greatness, and it did not disappoint. EVERYONE was amazing, but this was clearly Whitney and Luther’s show. R.I.P to them both. There are none greater.


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