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Margarita Garabito has been sentenced to life in prison for the death of her ten-year-old stepdaughter Charlenni Ferreira.

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The abuse Ferreira endured in her young ten years are gruesome details of child endangerment and negligence. Taking place behind the closed doors of their Philadelphia home, she was beaten regularly by Garabito and sometimes by her birth father Domingo Ferreira. In one instance, Ferreira’s skull was split open and her stepmother shockingly used cotton and hair clips and extensions to try to cover the open bruises. Ferreira later died in 2009 when her body succumbed to a “buildup of fluid inside her chest as a result of broken ribs.” And according to Ferreira’s lawyers, Garabito’s son raped her on one occasion, (but) has allegedly been arrested.

On Friday, February 20, Garabito was sentenced to life in person and will not be eligible for parole. Her father was also arrested but committed suicide three days after landing in prison.

So awful. This little girl didn’t deserve to have her young life cut so soon. And the years she had surrounded by people not in her corner.


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