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Taylor Swift is powerful enough to get a company like Apple Music to (allegedly) change its policy. Right after Swift posted a Tumblr letter threatening to pull her albums from the streaming service, Apple Music announced that it was indeed paying artists royalties during its three-month free trial.

The-Dream isn’t all that impressed.

Before Crown Jewel drops, The-Dream talked to Billboard in what turned out to be an insightful interview. The article is called “Artists Are Treated Like Slaves,” so you know there were some truth bombs being hurled.

The first of many was directed (not maliciously) at Taylor Swift: “I can support it, but I could never do the same. I’m black.”

“It’s a race thing. It’s always going to be a race thing,” The-Dream said. “For one, if I took my records off of Spotify, it would affect the people who listen to my music for free and may not have the means otherwise. Taylor Swift fans probably have the means to go and buy a Taylor Swift record.”

What follows throughout the interview is a common criticism: Black people don’t support there own. The-Dream uses Jay Z’s TIDAL as an example.

“I think my good friend Jay Z said it best: Apple makes a billion dollars doing something; we have no problem with it,” The-Dream says. “We’ll buy 8,000 iPhones. But if a black man does it, immediately people say, “Wait, hasn’t he already made enough money?”

Read what The-Dream has to say here.


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