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Andrew Caldwell

Source: J.R. Davis / WHHL

According to TMZ the threat of being sued is what caused Andrew “I Am Delivert” Caldwell to switch up his tune about “dating” former NFL player Kordell Stewart. Stewart threatened to sue because of what he said was damaging statements made by Caldwell in reference to a gay romance between the two.

The man who claimed he had a sexual relationship with ex-NFL star Kordell Stewart is admitting he made the whole thing up but says he isn’t worried about Kordell’s lawsuit.

As we previously reported, Stewart filed a lawsuit against viral video star Andrew Caldwell, saying Caldwell lied and damaged his reputation when he went on a radio show and said they hooked up.

TMZ Sports spoke with Caldwell who says “It’s true, I never dated Kordell. But I’m not worried about the lawsuit. If Kordell wants money, he has money. I don’t owe him a dime.”

What’s weird is despite the “I’m not worried” demeanor, Caldwell seems to admit he hurt Stewart’s reputation.

“[What I said] did damage Kordell. He has a son. For his son to think, ‘Is my dad gay?’ That is damaging.”

And it gets even weirder, Caldwell says Kordell has since trashed HIM while denying the gay rumors — and he’s considering filing a lawsuit of his own.

“I may go after Kordell. Yes, I hurt his name, but he also hurt mine.”

Can we please get this guy some help.