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Joe Pytka, the director behind the original Space Jam movie, thinks the sequel might be in trouble.

“Don’t do it. It’s doomed,” Pytka told The Hollywood Reporter. “Michael Jordan was the biggest star on the planet.”

Pytka believes LeBron James’ star power is currently being eclipsed by Steph Curry (and the movie is about two years away) so the movie is not worth the risk. Steph Curry won last year’s NBA championship, is a back-to-back MVP winner, spearheaded a 73-9 team that broke the twenty-year-old Bulls’ 72-10 record, and might very well be leading his team to another NBA championship. The director also thinks what made the original Space Jam movie so enthralling wasn’t just Michael Jordan himself. The cast of characters around Jordan also played a role to give the movie its cult-class status.

“When we did Space Jam, there was a perfect storm of players and ex-players available — Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing,” Pytka said. “They all had a persona that complemented the film. There are none around like that now.”

LeBron was tapped to play lead in the sequel with reports that J.R. Smith was set to join him.

SOURCE: Comic Book, Movie News Guide, THR | PHOTO: Getty


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