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You’re probably wondering why Kim Kardashian and Jeffree Star‘s faces have been flooding your social media timelines over the last few days. The reality TV star is being dragged for defending controversial cosmetic entrepreneur Jeffree Starr, who has a history of making problematic statements and racist comments towards Black women.

Youtube vlogger Malibu Dollface posted a heated 23-minute video responding to Kim’s careless dismissal of Starr’s racist behavior and Lawd, he read them, and any Kardashian/Jenner in the way, for filth.

In case you’re wondering how all this mess got started, try this on for primer:

When Kim K launched her KKW cosmetics line, earlier this year, she invited beauty bloggers to her home for an exclusive event that showcased her products. She filmed tutorials with several of her guests, including beauty guru Patrick Starrr, etc. Once the not-so-favorable reviews of KKW came in, Kim was criticized for her less-than-stellar line. Jeffree even came at her swatching skills, which sent her fans coming straight for his long face. The KKW creator stepped in and basically told her fans to get over it since because, ya know, apologized.

Though Starr apologized for his behavior, the beauty community is upset with Kim for naively defending him on a sensitive topic to the Black community. The depths of Jeffree’s racism reportedly includes calling Black women “n*gger b*tches” and rats.

Kim has also apologized for being “naive” and defending a situation she “didn’t really know much about.”

And now, fans are calling for Kim to shut the hell up. Sigh.


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