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So remember when we let you all know that Nelly’s case has been dropped and he had plans to sue his accuser? Well, just days after we broke the story, she is now reportedly suing him for claims of sexual assault and defamation.
Originally, the case was dropped due to the accuser refusing to testify and said that she felt like she couldn’t “stand up against a celebrity and that the criminal system would fail her.” Well sis doesn’t have a problem talking now!

According to TMZ, Monique Greene was invited to Nelly’s tour bus after he performed at an event she hosted. She says once she was on the bus she walked back to his room where he Nelly started to masturbate. Documents retrieved claim that she was then forced to have both oral and vaginal sex with Nelly. Afterwards, Greene says she was screaming to get off the bus and one of Nelly’s entourage members pushed her out of the bus and Nelly then threw $100 dollars at her saying, “Bye bye.”
Monique then goes on to say that Nelly taunted her while she stood waiting for an Uber. She also called the police who then came and arrested Nelly for 2nd degree rape and took her to a medical center where a rape kit was performed.
So where is the defamation coming from? Well, Greene is claiming Nelly and his team began a smear campaign saying she was only making those claims to gain “money, fame and notoriety.