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My list of movies I have to see this year just keeps getting bigger and bigger! It has just been announced that there is a “Shaft” movie in the work and this time there are some new faces for us to be excited about.
“Shaft” first came out back in the 70’s, where it grossed 13 million. The movie was then remade again, with Samuel L. Jackson as Shaft, in 2000. So it’s only fitting that they give us some more exciting changes we can look forward to, this time!

It’s been reported that Regina Hall, Jessie T. Usher, Alexandra Shipp and Richard Roundtree will all have roles in the new movie. They’ve also decided to add Method Man to the mix, which is something I definitely am excited about. He has proven his acting talent with his role in “The Dueces,” where he plays a pimp set in the late 70’s.
“Shaft” was an epic movie, so I hope the remake is just as great! Seems like they are on the right track with the cast, but you know we will keep you up on all the details!
Are you all excited about the new “Shaft” movie, Live Squad?