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For the past few days, social media has been flooded by videos and recaps of Bac Chyna’s altercation with a fan, during her family outing at Six Flags. Well, Chyna throwing her kids’ stroller at her opponent was the last straw for Rob Kardashian. He and his legal team are now seeking to reduce child support and lay down some rules for Chyna, when it comes to Dream.

That’s right! According to reports from TMZ, Rob has feared for the safety of his baby girl for a few months and is now preparing to file documents with the help of his legal team. Rob’s legal documents outline some rules that he feels Blac Chyna should follow, while around Dream. One of those rules happens to be that he nor Chyna can introduce new love interests to their daughter until after six months of going strong. He also expresses that feels he is paying way too much for child support. He says now that he’s been banned from Instagram, he is unable to uphold his online businesses and now makes less than his baby’s mother. He also says that the $20,000 he pays now, is absurd since he shares joint custody with Chyna.

What do you think about this one, #LiveSqaud? Stay tuned for more details!