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If you’ve been keeping up with the news a man by the name of Danueal Drayton is in police custody after apparently confessing to killing up to 7 women he met online or through dating apps.

Danueal blames the strangling of a NYC nurse on the “voices” in his head. In the brief interview, he said: “I’m a passenger in my own body. “I really liked her. I didn’t want to kill her. They told me she had to die.”

Since news of Danueal’s alleged killing spree circulated, an ex-grilfriend by the name of Zynea Barney has come out to say she believes Danueal is of sound mind, and is reportedly only pretending to be mentally unstable. Zynea dated Dnaueal for about 2 months before breaking up with him.

Danueal Drayton , 27, of New Haven, Conn., was accused of murdering Samantha Stewart last week. Stewart, a nurse, was found dead on July 17 inside her Queens home.

Stewart’s brother discovered her unconscious with injuries to her neck and head. She was naked and wrapped in a white sheet on the floor of her bedroom.

Her teeth were knocked out and she had injuries to her neck. Authorities pronounced her dead at the scene.

Officials believe Drayton and Stewart met on Tinder. Her family said surveillance footage from a Brooklyn restaurant the two went to before her death helped identify the suspected killer.

Investigators believe Drayton may have used the online dating site and other social media sites to prey on his victims. He allegedly confessed to six other killings! What a monster!