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Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy is being accused by a woman named Kayla of kidnapping. Earlier this week the woman filed a police report claiming that Big Draco did not let her leave his home when she tried to exit the premises. She claims that she tried to leave Soulja’s house and his assistant began to attack her. She then went on to say that Soulja came out of the house and broke up the fight but then began attacking her with a chair and an extension cord while keeping her locked up for six hours.

Soulja claims that Kayla’s story is “100% fabricated”. According to Big Draco he and Kayla were once romantically involved, and after her ended the relationship she got drunk and pulled up at his house, crashing her car in his driveway after she hit a curb. Soulja’s manager came outside and insisted that Kayla leave.

The entire incident is being investigated by the LAPD.