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It was cool “Living Single” when it was a 90s kind of world, but I was a kid then too. As a women in her thirties,  you question yourself, what am I doing wrong? Why am I single?

Every week looking on Instagram and there’s a post saying something like, “If she’s pretty and single, she’s crazy”. You think, “Am I?”. Is it that I’m possibly crazy and drive dudes away? Am I too pushy?

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Is it because my ass doesn’t look like Nicki Minaj or Cardi B ? Do I have too many rules? Do I not have enough rules? Am I expressing too much? Is it because I don’t have the perfect body? Hopefully you laugh at yourself and say “No, I’m damn near perfect”, because you are.

It would be dope to find a guy that loves your independence, and you let the man he is shine. If he’s capable of being a man, then honey you’re good. I can’t tell you how many ,” I hate I didn’t do you right” text that I receive.

It’s like guys have an epiphany, deal with a chick that doesn’t do half of what you did for him. Guys realize they did you dirty and want forgiveness. Never doubt who you are, he has to take the “L”.

If he can’t take you at your Regine, Max, Khadijah, and or Sinclair (No Overton), then maybe he’s not the one you end up with in the series finale.

Guys, are constantly making post like, “The best pu**y, is loyal pu**y”, but their penis is more involved in the community than the Mayor. These double standards ruin relationships. If he cheats, he wants to plead his case in front of a judge and a jury of his peers. If you cheat, you’re a filthy whore.

When a woman decides to invest in her own Trojans and feel no attachment, like Maxine Shaw. She could be labeled a few ways; fast, hoe, too forward, but anything other than the strong minded woman she chose to be.

Max was a pistol, not one for the sappy stuff, but when she fell in love, it was with Kyle. It wasn’t pretty but it was love. They weren’t Sinclair and Overton, you didn’t have to know they were together, you still rooted for them. She was a hard woman and needed a harder man.

For the full cast of Living Single, kind of woman; meaning a young lady that can hold down the household, get her needs satisfied, and enter a room to effortlessly get all the attention… a man won’t be able to handle.

Seems like the more a woman proves she can be warm by herself, men find it hard to control. I personally dealt with an individual that adored my qualifications as a woman but didn’t want me to have the mentality to match.

He made it apart of his everyday life to place me on a pedestal that only he could congratulate me on. He was the only one that could knock me off too. He created a dependency on him. I believe it’s one reason I’m single. I didn’t really think I ever was as beautiful as I’ve been told.

Honestly, I use to look in the mirror and try to convince myself I could be as confident as anyone. As cliche as it seems, “trust the process”. I still have a meekness about myself, but thats only because I don’t desire to have all eyes on me… Unless I’m back on the theater stage.

As you continue your new season of Living Single, I hope you figure out your strengths and weaknesses. Some say find God, but depending on your beliefs ,I just say find the God within and know there is a higher power. Then you can proceed to walk that walk. Know you’re damn near perfect, because no one is perfect.

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