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It’s been nearly 13 years since legendary singer James Brown died on Christmas day in 2006. His cause of death was reported as a heart failure, but his now widow wife Tomi Rae Brown thinks otherwise.

Tomi Rae Brown recently spoke out about the music legend James Brown death. She thinks that her late husband was drugged and murdered. Tomi tells the Sunday Mirror that her husband was being supplied with cocaine and other substances. In February of this year Brown’s doctor Marvin Crawford suggested his death was through an overdose

Tomi Rae reports that James suddenly passed away after telling his team that he wanted to cut back on his workload. We all know that when money gets involved people start to act funny if they are not receiving it or enough. However, Tomi says that she believes James’s manager David Cannon, who was convicted of raking off money from Brown knew something about his death.

When Tomi found out about James’s death she rushed home, but found herself to be locked outside of their mansion. “Something happened there that nobody wants me to know about. But whatever happened it is going to come out. You can’t hide the truth for very long”, she stated to Sunday Mirror.

James would indirectly ask for drugs, “He would be on the phone: ‘Bring me my green suit. Bring me my brown suit.’ And the suit would have something in the pockets”, said Tomi. She, has recently pleaded for police to launch an investigation to get clarity on what really happened to James. The legendary singer did not have an autopsy performed at the request of his daughter, Yamma Brown Lumar.

Tomi Rae and James Brown met in the mid-1990s in Las Vegas, where she was a Janis Joplin impersonator. She is also James’s fourth wife and they both had a son together who was named James Brown the Second in 2001.

“I’m proud and honored to be his wife”, said Tomi. She is currently engaged and her son is a budding rapper who is in Music College.

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