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Jay-Z Performs At Carnegie Hall To Benefit The United Way Of New York City And The Shawn Carter Foundation - After Party

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Ms.Tina Lawson takes time to acknowledge her son-in-law, Jay-Z; Monday after the announcement was made of the partnership between LVMH (Moët Hennesey-Louis Vuitton) and Shawn Carter’s Armand de Brignac (Ace Of Spades). Moët Hennesy has purchased 50% of the champagne brand.

Such a major money move, brought his mother-in-law, Ms.Tina to some heartfelt words that shined on his accomplishments, like the Super Bowl. “This is a love letter to my son-in-law Shawn Carter. The reason why I was led to write this was because recently at the Super Bowl. we witnessed the national anthem America the Beautiful and the halftime entertainment all being super talented black people !!!”, she said.

Mama Tina recognizes, no matter what the challenge the rapper turned mogul, she talks about how he continues to move forward, ” J took on being in charge of the Entertainment at the Super Bowl and saying that things would never change unless we had someone on the inside that could make decisions. Someone at the top. I read all the horrible things people said calling him a sellout and hating on him big time. But he kept it moving because every person who has affected change has been criticized and dogged by their peers.”

She continues with her support of black-owned businesses like her preference of Jay-z’s streaming platform Tidal over Apple, ” It took a lot of guts and a lot of his money blood sweat and tears to start Tidal Tidal, has the best sound around and is an excellent streaming service. I really try to support every Black business but so many would rather support Apple. One day I claim that we will stop being crabs in a barrel. We will support each other. There is room for everyone.”

“You are a badass brother and I hope that you continue to pave the way for others like you have in the past!”, congratulating Shawn Carter on his deal with LVMH.