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“Amora Lex,” a woman from Columbus, OH, has been all over the internet for her live posts at Children Protective Services giving her children to the government. The internet is very torn about her decision to give her kids up. Lex has also had a lot of backlash on her posts after giving her children up. Recently, she spoke with Leah Henry from Power 107/106 (a Radio One station in Columbus) about the entire ordeal.

Note from Leah: “I decided to give her a platform because we talk about mental health, giving grace, and stressing that black women should ask for help but when she did what was best for her children people had A LOT to say. Listen to her story and judge for yourself. This is her story, this is what she told me. I wanted to give her an equal platform for her to give clear context of the video and background of it. I wanted to at least hear her out after being bashed publicly.”

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