Mashonda, the mother of Swizz Beatz’s three-year-old son and ex wife, demanded to meet the new love of his life to put aside their differences for the sake of the boy. According to, the pair met over dinner.

“It wasn’t awkward; I wouldn’t have done it if I wasn’t ready. I said what I had to ay as a mum. It was a whole sit down dinner,” she said.

Back in 2008, Beatz and Mashonda split and filed for divorce the following year.

Despite the divorce not being finalized, Beatz went on to date his new baby’s mama. As a result, a jaded Mashonda accused the singer of wrecking their marriage. She took the time to publish a letter to Alicia Keys via Twitter to sort out their issues.

So, the two came face to face in March, two months before Keys announced her pregnancy and engagement.

She vented to about people not understanding why she needed to meet Keys.

“When I wrote her that Twitter letter everybody wanted to say things like, ‘Oh, what do you need to meet her for? It’s not her problem, it’s Swizz’s.’ I’m like, ‘You have a kid, go through what I went through and then talk to me.’ I’m not having my son around anybody I don’t know.”

“I don’t give a f**k who you are and how much money you have and what management he’s going to be under when he visits you. I need to see you and I need you to see how serious I am about him. We had to sit down, and I told her (Keys) how I felt. I didn’t mention anything else, it was all about my son and it was fine after that. I’m not going sit and talk to (Keys and Beatz) about what happened between the three of us. This is about my son.”

“She (Keys) just listened … It wasn’t awkward; I wouldn’t have done it if I wasn’t ready. I said what I had to say as a mum. It was a whole sit down dinner. So you know how intimate that is. There are certain things we have to do as women in order to move forward.”

Mashonda also expressed her well wishes to Keys and her pregnancy. She said regardless of the past, that child would be her son’s brother or sister.

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