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Former NY Giants Super Bowl hero Plaxico Burress recently sat down behind bars to talk about the unfortunate incident that cost him his NFL career and put him behind bars for two years.

In November 0f ’08 Plaxico Burress went to the Manhattan night club “Latin Quarter” with an unlicensed gun tucked away inside his sweatpants. Burress said he was carrying the gun for protection when the gun suddenly went off shooting him in his thigh.

The public outcry behind the event was nothing nice as NY state has some of the most stiff gun laws in the country. Burress plead guilty to a felony gun possession charge and was sentenced to two years in jail.

When asked about his comeback into the NFL during a interview with The Daily NY Newspaper Burress responded:

“I’m not just going to come back and play. I’m going to come back and play at a high level, Nobody is going to be more dedicated than me to getting back to a championship. I feel like I let a lot of kids down (because of what happened). It’s something I can’t erase. All I can do is get back to the football field and play at a high level. That’s the only way I can redeem myself, so to speak.”

Let’s hope he still has it!