Autumn Joi

Jamie Foxx has been a little quiet recently. We did see him last year in the flop movie, Robin Hood. Well, we might not have seen the movie, but we saw the trailers. And his game show, Beat Shazam has been renewed for season 3 but we haven’t seen him on a comedy tour in […]

The Essence Festival has always been one of the biggest events of the summer. Earlier they announced their line up which included  Missy Elliott and Mary J. Blige, H.E.R., Pharrell, Big Freedia, Nas, Teyana Taylor, Davido, City Girls, Anthony Hamilton, Queen Naija, Timbaland, and Normani. Well, they have added more names to the list! They […]

Time Magazine is known for their list. They have just announced the 2019 Most Influential People. The interesting thing about the list is that a friend or someone who is strongly influenced by the nominee writes about the person. So who made the list? Here are a few of them. Under the list of Pioneers […]

In a cute selfie, Tatyana Ali shares that she’s pregnant with baby number 2! Ali and her husband, Dr. Vaughn Rasberry announced the news on Instagram.   Ali and her husband who she met through eHarmony, yes you read that right, got married in 2016. See, you never know who you might meet with online […]

Many before Chris Brown have done it, but finally, Chris Brown has taken it to the next level and he has released his new video for “Back To Love”. The video features Brown showing off his Michael Jackson moves.   Both of Brown’s latest songs, “Undecided” and “Back To Love” are on his upcoming album, […]

Notre Dame is an icon in Paris and all around the world. The 850-year-old church has been the backdrop of many movies, books, television shows and a tourist site for hundreds of years. One of the most famous books about the cathedral is “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, both the live action and the Disney […]

NASA has posted pictures of a black hole for the 1st time EVER! What is a black hole? We’ve heard about in almost every space movie, but what it really? According to Wikipedia: A black hole is a region of spacetime exhibiting such strong gravitational effects that nothing—not even particles and electromagnetic radiation such as light—can escape from inside it.[5] The theory of general relativity predicts that a sufficiently […]

Disney has finally released a full-length trailer for The Lion King! It seems like it’s taken forever! Check out the trailer. Does this get you a little more hyped about the movie? I have to admit, I will miss some of the classic voices from the animated film. No one can top Jermery Irons as […]

It saddens us to write this today to express the news of an explosion that took place downtown Durham today on April 10th, 2019. What seems like a gas leak turned into a catastrophe when a building was set on fire, causing an explosion. The explosion shook the buildings downtown and burned multiple buildings leaving […]

BET’s latest docuseries is called “Ladies Night’ starring Salt-N-Pepa and featuring SWV. The show is about Salt-N-Pepa preparing for their Las Vegas residency and their tour with SWV. The show is a true behind the scenes look at the ups and downs of working on two major projects with a group of dynamic and feisty […]

The one and only Maya Angelou’s amazing life story is coming to Broadway. Now if you think her life was simple and she just wrote poems, books and spoke beautiful words, you are sadly mistaken. Angelou’s life was full of exciting and hard moments. She was a fighter! With the support of her son, Guy […]

The quiet before the storm;  Ari Lennox and Autumn Joi talk Dreamville ,growing up in DC, and colorism in the music industry. RELATED : 1 Day Til Dreamville Festival {UPDATE} “Touch me, take me, kiss me Love me, depress me Pull up, black truck, ganja Wrist so blinding, heart so timeless Wishing, you could meet […]