Earvin “Magic” Johnson has become the newest member of the very exclusive billionaire athletes club. The Los Angeles Lakers legend, considered the greatest point guard ever, joins Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Tiger Woods as the only athletes who have […]

                      Steph Curry ignited an X (formerly known as Twitter) tizzy when he declared he is the best point guard the NBA has ever produced. For those of the X and Y generations, such audacious utterances are cast down as blasphemous, as they believe no […]

                                          Simone Biles is making her gymnastics return. On Wednesday (June 28), Team USA announced that Biles, 26, will compete at the U.S. Classic on August 5, per the Associated Press. “Biles is back,” an […]

                Who do you all think will win the battle to buy BET? Who do you think has the money to buy BET? Is it really about who has the money? Should they all team up together and buy BET? Tyler Perry is one of Black Entertainment Television’s […]