The Morning Hustle

What are some things you like that people may find "unpopular".

Hit the play button to listen to today’s LOW DOWN from Lore’l… Today, Jordan honors the Monday Money Makers and all the International Women in the world in today’s Headwrap Song! Make sure you send us the your social videos each Monday & Wednesday so you can be included in the next video! SEE ALSO: The Headwrap Song: Working Women Wednesday [VIDEO] SEE ALSO: The Lo Down: Bow […]

Does Wendy Williams deserve Who's Cappin this week after claiming she was racially profiled while shopping? Lore'l thinks so!   This morning we were joined by Jasmine Boyd from St. Jude to give some insight to all the amazing things the hospital does, and how it’s the donations from the people that allow the hospital to continue to operate. St. Jude is a leading children’s hospital that treats the toughest childhood cancers and […] Jini Thornton joined us in studio to discuss some financial preparations everyone should be doing right now. She gives us information regarding preparing for health scares like the coronavirus, and some great advice regarding the stock market! SEE ALSO: Hip Hop Spot: Is Drake The Greatest Artist Of Our Generation [VIDEO] SEE ALSO: CDC Warns Men […] A video of a 6-year-old being handcuffed went viral after people were outraged over the footage. Kaia Rolle was reportedly arrested after the police were called on the young girl after she became upset over being unable to wear her sunglasses. The officer in the footage even reportedly bragged about the arrest because of […]