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To say that Donald Trump spurs hate would be an elite understatement. So it was no surprise that a woman was seen flipping Trump off on television—and the details are delicious.


The Black woman who summed up the feelings of many when was seen saluting Cheeto with a double bird flip off turns out to be comedian Bill Burr’s wife, Nia Renee Hill, who was spotted sitting to her right.

Trump was attending the UFC 295 event at Madison Square Garden in New York City. when he stood up to acknowledge any of his “fans” in the building. Good luck with that. Also worth noting is that struggle faux rapper Kid Rock can be seen coming over to get in some in-person brown-nosing.

Multiple X users are noting that Trump has essentially made a living being a disrespectful asshat. Nevertheless, the MAGA contingent is upset at Nia Hill. However, most everyone who isn’t Team Racism Sexism Nazism and anything else you can think of sees no issue.

So miss us with your boo-hoos about not showing any respect to a former POTUS. This is a guy who is down to “terminate”l the Constitution after all. Yeah, seriously.

Peep some of the best reactions to Nia Hill’s double salute in the gallery.

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