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Recently Hitman Holla of Wild-N-Out posted a sexual video of him and his girlfriend Cinnamon, doing explicit things. This video was posted by him. He took to social to clear things up of why he posted and how it got leaked saying, “Would never disrespect my girl and post something she didn’t agree to or didn’t like what sense does that make…”

Apparently, if you’re on Hitman Holla’s close friends on IG you get to take a peek into his sex life. Hitman and girlfriend Cinnamon got real busy for their anniversary. He was so thrilled he didn’t go to Only Fans with this content but shared it with his close friends on IG, and a not-so-loyal “friend” screen recorded the video later sharing it for the world to see.

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This video is so scandalous, Twitter was ablaze. Folks commented on the appearance of his teeth being small but referring to him as, “packin PACKIN”. Check out below what some others had to say in regards to Hitman Holla.

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1. “Baby teeth little but that n—- packin PACKIN “

2. “I’m shooketh”

3. Oh his name Hitman for a reason

4. Just coming to check out the hype

5. Y’all so unloyal

6. Sensational

7. Them DMs poppin

8. Where my real close friends?

9. Doing extensive research

10. Not impressed

11. Reconsidering current relationship