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Jason Lee Dragged For Getting Involved In Cardi B & JT Beef

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Monday, October 3, was a complete mess on social media. Kanye West went Super Saiyan coon, and Cardi B and City Girls member JT started beefing out of nowhere. The once budding friendship between the Hip-Hop stars looked shaky, but apparently, blogger Jason Lee was the only one who could save it.

Twitter collectively pulled up their lawn chairs as Cardi B and JT went at each other on the social media platform, and it looked like the two were heading to a place of no return until Jason Lee decided to step in and “fix” the situation.

Jason Lee, the CEO of the Hollywood Unlocked gossip site, decided to take a break from his vacation to address the situation. Lee immediately stated he would get on the phone with both artists to broker peace in the name of Hip-Hop and not let “an old lady get in the way,” many believed he was referring to a certain rapper from Queens. His words, not ours.

In another tweet, Lee also made it clear that he is team Cardi flexing his “power” to his followers, noting he could either use his platform “to make the girls fight or fix it,” but opts for peace.

He concluded his tweets by proudly announcing the “beef” between Cardi B, and JT is no longer on the stove, simmering after talking with the “Bodak Yellow” crafter.

Twitter Says Thanks, But No Thanks To Jason Lee

That should have been the end of the situation. Welp, unfortunately for Jason Lee, Twitter turned its attention away from the potential Cardi and JT car wreck and shifted its focus on Lee, reminding him that he’s no saint.

Lee saw his name trending for all the wrong reasons and responded, “y’all just mad cause you can’t gaslight them into drama today.”

“Y’all can hate me all you want. But it’s only one group that does. I got so much love all over the world I wish y’all could feel it, lol,” he continued. That group he refers to could be the Barbz, as he alluded to being his “biggest fan base.”

Anyway, we’re just happy Cardi B and JT are good. You can peep more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Prince Williams / Getty

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