One of Hip-Hop’s most hated figures has received an unexpected honor. A statue of 6ix9ine has been created in Cuba. As reported by HipHopDX, the “GUMMO” performer is now immortalized in the streets of the communist country. This week, a local artist unveiled a bust of the rapper turned federal informant. The art piece captures all of […]

President-elect Donald Trump said (or in fact Tweeted) that he will reverse the executive action President Obama has taken as it relates to opening up relations with Cuba if the nation does not make reforms to his liking.

As president, Barack Obama travelled to over 51 countries. He has cemented his foreign relations legacy through his choice of official travel.

Just as Kim K. gets serious about raising awareness for the Armenian Genocide, her younger sister Khloe Kardashian gets blasted for being culturally insensitive.

Loretta Lynch's confirmation as attorney general was a pivotal moment in American history.


The United States and Cuba will take a step further towards rekindling their relationship. The two nations plan on announcing the reopening of their embassies…

Since the thawing of longstanding oppositional relations between the United States and Cuba in the past year, the island nation has seen a serious uptick…


Although the Ebola virus is still prevalent in a few African countries, one of the places hit the hardest is on its way to being…