As the Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West beef enters a new chapter, take a look at 10 classic diss songs that intimidated as well as entertained.

 It sounds like Chris Brown is taking jabs at his ex girlfriend Rihanna on a freestyle track he did “Way To Cold” using Kanye’s “Thera Flu” beat. In it he raps “Don’t fu*k with my old bi#%hes like a bad fur/Every industry nigga done had her/Trick or treat like a pumpkin just to smash her/Bi#%hes breaking […]

*EXPLICIT* Whew……..Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne go in on this version of “Romans Revenge”. Once again jabs at the Queen Bee Lil Kim. Check it out and let us know whatcha think!

These two are still dissing each other……really. Check out Nicki Minaj latest diss to Lil Kim “Stupid Hoe”.. Let’s see what the Queen Bee gotta say about this…….

Over the weekend rapper Canibus added J.Cole to the  list of MCs he’s had issue with over the years. What made this latest assault so bizarre is that J. Cole has publicly stated that Canibus is one of his favorite MCs and biggest influences, even playing his music at his shows. Well, it seems that […]

When Jay-Z and Kanye West dropped “Otis,” the rap world was set ablaze. People talked about the mediocre remixes that were sure to follow. California MC,  Game, hasn’t done a remix. He’s delivered a half baked diss record. I’m not exactly sure who this is aimed at considering he goes from taking shots at Jay-Z […]

Soulja Boy had a lot of eyebrows raised after he claimed on Twitter that he had written Willow Smith’s hit single “Whip My Hair.”