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Outside of fun dance challenges, life hack videos aplenty and the music industry’s new platform for producing Billboard hits, TikTok is most famous for its niche market of “storytime” videos. Any person, for any reason, can get on camera and get to talking about anything under the sun: the limitless advantages of life on the World Wide Web!

However, we don’t think there’s been a storytime since the dawn of Google that’s been quite as engaging, entertaining or downright egregious as the six-hour, 52-part viral TikTok tale told by a user named Ressa Tessa that the world now knows as “Who TF Did I Marry?!?”

Prepare to have your head spin if you have the time to spare:



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For the “TL;DR” version, although we highly suggest you get your fix of the drama in full, Tessa is a Georgia-by-way-of-Jersey woman who meets a guy she refers to as “Legion” a few months before the pandemic of 2020 hit. In addition to dealing with a global disease along with the rest of us, her personal world suffered an even greater state of emergency when Legion turned out to be a pathological liar. Some of the things he lied about allegedly (albeit she added all the proof) include the expected — employment status, cars, clothes and finances — the curveballs — imaginary phone calls with deceased family members, a completely fabricated life in California — and ultimately the downright psychotic, from urinating in bottles of Powerade out of pure laziness to making up multiple stories of people dying of COVID-19 who either were still alive or had already been dead for a decade or more prior.

Spanning from early 2020 to the end of 2021, Ressa Tessa’s cautionary tale of not paying attention to red flags thankfully ended with her being able to get a divorce and move on with her life. Of course, the Internet being what it is, wasn’t about to let the story end so soon and took it upon themselves to not only identifying “Legion” as a man named Jerome McCoy but also finding both his Facebook and TikTok.


Adding icing to the cake, it appears Ressa Tessa had been throwing out Easter eggs to his identity throughout the series of videos, including a few where she purposefully wore a hat with the name “McCoy” on it.


The pressure became so much that Mr. McCoy decided to step up and speak out himself, not only denying everything she said but making the new allegation that he was the one who left after catching her cheating with a new player named “Bradley.”

….plot twist!


So far, it appears that many are pushing for Ressa Tessa to get this viral story made into an actual movie on Netflix, Lifetime or even Tubi. However, we think she might run into some issues with Jerome — err, we mean “Legion”! — signing off rights to his likeness.

In the meantime though, we just want to send out our condolences to all the “Jerome McCoys” out there who will inevitably be catching a few strays over the next few days, like the good man below:



Again, take the night (and next morning!) to finish Ressa Tessa’s viral “Who TF Did I Marry?!?” storytime on TikTok, and peep a few standout reactions we spotted on social media below:


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1. I’m sorry that Who tf did I marry story time on TikTok .. she needs to copyright it before they turn it into a movie cause I know Netflix is taking NOTES

via @linasabry

2. this is how i’m looking at my man after finishing that “who tf did i marry?” series

via @AntiFleek

3. I’ve been watching “who tf did I marry” for 3 days and I’m only on part 18/50

via @sighidaa

4. y’all someone deleted the cliff notes on Who Tf Did I Marry so I ventured over to FB to get them back for us – shoutout to Janelle Simmons you are the realest one cus i wasn’t about to sit through a 50 part tiktok

via @itsme_Kylee

5. Reesa explaining how she kicked that man out in who tf did I marry Me:

via @patriciahunda

6. When you are currently living in the house that was mentioned on “who tf did I marry!!!” 👀

via @john_mgbemena

7. me when I got to Part 40 of the Who TF Did I Marry series on TikTok:

via @ronthacreator

8. Me working and listening to the who tf did I marry series like it’s my morning podcast

via @llowkeyash

9. finished all 50 parts of who tf did i marry on tik tok (it took me eight hours)…. but im about to rewatch I CANT

via @morgndoesntcare

10. this was literally the “Who TF Did I Marry” lady kicking her ex-husband out 😭

via @dylanisunique

11. Reesa deserves an award for this TikTok story time. Who TF did I marry is spectacular, the story telling really paints a picture, so damn well we’ve all spent 6+hours watching #WhoTFDidIMarry

via @JeffChangx

12. Honestly ya can’t summarise who tf did I marry. It’s too nuanced, you need to hear every detail she’s saying fr

via @Lexiiee_x

13. Before watching RessaTessa’s ‘who tf did I marry’ series on TikTok, my trust in men was at a solid 1%. After watching all 50 parts, that number’s sitting at a smooth -970%

via @RobynDMarley_

14. Everytime the Who tf did I marry lady say, “That will come back later”:

via @dabombshel

15. I’m too far into “who tf did I marry” to turn away now

via @RecaAshauntae

16. Just got to the final part of Who TF Did I Marry series on TikTok lawd legion was indeed an insane man

via @hotdadyyyy

17. my exact reaction to hearing #ReesaTeesa say “last part: who tf did i marry” #WhoTFDidIMarry

via @pris_shelburne

18. I still don’t understand how this dude was able to pay all these bills from this Who Tf Did I Marry Series

via @chelada24

19. Whew lawd I made it to the end of “Who tf did I marry” on TikTok

via @KaylarWill


20. Omg one of the ex wife son in “who tf did I marry” is spilling the tea about legion on tiktok omg were in season 2 y’all 😭😭😭