According to Engadget, Fitbit will be folded into Google, forming part of its hardware team, making a new generation of wearables. Judging from the statements made by Fitbit CEO James Park and Google’s hardware chief Rick Osterloh, future Fitbit devices will run Wear OS. Related Stories: Google Maps Will Tell You Where Police Are Hiding […]

Google has joined the movement to help HBCU students finally get the leg up they deserve in the tech industry. In a new partnership, Google has created a satellite campus for computer science majors at Howard University.  “Howard West” will be stationed at the Googleplex, giving rising junior and senior computer science majors a chance […]

Critics are accusing Google Fiber of digital redlining, but company executives say they have it all wrong.

Today, Google took to the stage at its San Francisco headquarters to show the world what its been working on for the past year. Aside from the expected new phones, Google is also looking toward the future with a major push in Artificial Intelligence to make it even easier to communicate with the internet. Check […]

Yolonda Faulkner has gone from wedding planner to bride after the man of her dreams, Eric Addison, surprised her with a sweet proposal for her birthday this year! Yolonda, the Managing Director and CEO of Details Consulting, has never been afraid to chase her dreams and make amazing things happen. As career-driven as she is, though, […]

Check out the list Google released for the most viewed artists in 2015. 1. Adele 2. Sia 3. Fetty Wap 4. Eazy-E 5. Sam Smith 6. NWA 7. Chris Stapleton 8. Beck 9. Lenny Kravitz 10. Meghan Trainor Related Stories: Morning Beautiful: WTF Is Going On At Rikers Island? Google Is Still F*cking Up & […]


When Sam’s Club CEO Rosalind Brewer discussed corporate diversity during an interview with CNN’s Poppy Harlow, social media blew up with criticism from White people who believed the Black executive was pushing a racist agenda. We know, however, that a much-needed diversity talk in corporate America will do more good than harm. @michelekirkBPR Time to boycott Sam's. […]

Having cable packages are expensive enough, but when you couple it with high-speed Internet, the total can be astronomical for a service that has become a…

The ConnectHome Program will reach 275,000 poor families and almost 200,000 children.

Also, an anti-rape activist has been accused of lying about her assault and more minimum wage protests are being staged today at McDonald's Headquarters.

  Where in the world is the nigga house? Well, according to Google Maps it’s located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest in Washington, DC. That address should be familiar to us all – it’s the White House! I didn’t believe this story so I went to Google maps myself to see if it was a […]


After executives were slammed last year over low diversity numbers, Google is stepping up to help make Silicon Valley less homogenous and spread the wealth…