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From Love & Hip Hop to Chrissy and Mr. Jones…..that’s right one of our favorite couples have new reality show hitting your tv screen. Chrissy & Mr. Jones debuts on tonight on VH1  at 9:30. Check out the first episode right here ……….

 One of our favorite Hip Hop couples will be hitting the tv screen with their own reality show. Straight from Love & Hip Hop NY here comes Chrissy and Mr. Jones…. Yep, Jim Jones and his fiance Chrissy reality show hits VH1 on Monday, September, 24th at 9:30pm. I’m ready for it but I am […]

In Hip-Hop, loving one woman and being dedicated to her is bypassed in favor of blowing money fast with any fine woman who looks seductively…

“Love & Hip Hop” star Jim Jones was arrested three days ago for assault on a police officer following a casino brawl in Connecticut. He…

Producer Mona Scott Young narrates us through the “Love & Hip Hop” reunion which wasn’t the traditional drama fest we were hoping for! Chrissy Lampkin From “Love & Hip Hop” Pregnant? Love and Hip Hop Getting ‘Reality Check’ Over a Reunion Olivia Drops New Video “Walk Away” Hot OR Not? Jim Jones Remakes Rihanna’s “Cockiness” […]

As Love & Hip Hop Season 2 come to an end check out Mama Jones video for her hit single “Psychotic”….

In case you missed Love & Hip Hop “Reality Check” last night I have a few clips for you. Ready for season 3….but don’t look for the same cast. Love & Hip Hop is going to the ATL. I wonder who will be the cast. I was thinking Diamond from Crime Mob????Wacka Flocka and his […]

Love & Hip Hop Reunion show kicks off tonite on VH1 at 8pm but don’t look for the traditional reunion show. Due to all of the fights this season they will be separated from each other. Make sure you check it out so you can find out the real beef between Chrissy and Yandy….check out […]

Since the take off of VH1’s show “Love & Hip Hop,” we haven’t heard too much music from Jim Jones, unless you count the ridiculously forced driving scenes with his music streaming in the background. But…the newly engaged Jones’ released “Cockiness,” a remake of Rihanna’s sexy Talk That Talk track in hopes of refreshing our […]

After finally getting her ring from Jim Jones, it looks like Chrissy is about to get her other wish too…she’s having a baby. According to a MTO snitch, 40-year old and Jim had been trying for years to get pregnant, and had basically given up…they were like” if it happens, it happens.” Well a few […]

Up next on Love & Hip Hop Beef……..Mama Jone and Olivia twitter beefing. Mama Jones didn’t take to kindly of Olivia mocking her on the last episode and went in on her on twitter calling her a G-Unit …Hmmmmmm…..how do I say this……community plaything. To check the twitter fight click here……

I love a lil me some drama just as much as the next person but this is getting out of hand. Another fight on Love & Hip Hop last night….and they previewed yet another girl fight for next weeks episode. They may think about changing the name to War & Hip Hop. Check out the […]