Ingeniously funny and extraordinarily talented are understatements when it comes to David Mann, the multi-faceted actor and 2011 NAACP Award winner for “Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series” for “Meet the Browns.” A native of Texas, David masterfully showcases his God-given talents in a most dynamic and distinguished way. David’s musical and theatrical talents brilliantly […]

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna started their relationship in true Kardashian fashion – very public and out in the open. Now, it seems like they’d prefer to keep things a little more private. E! News reported that the couple broke up over the weekend after getting into a big fight that made Rob pull the plug. He also […]

Calling all Valentine's Day haters, lovers, and in-betweeners.

Prepare for what you truly sign up for when you suggest or decide to be party to a threesome.

Imagine putting your fate in the hands of experts with the hopes of being matched with your ideal partner based on an intricate formula. Then imagine meeting them for the very first time at the altar.

When Rob Kardashian hopped in his shiny expensive car and drove hundreds of miles to new girlfriend Blac Chyna‘s rescue, he earned the title of…

“If the only time I get along with you is when I’m inside of you, then we ain’t got no relationship.” ~Marlon Wayans This Saturday, I tuned into “It’s Not You, It’s Men,” hosted by Rev. Run and Tyrese. Marlon was one of the guests on the show about sex and intimacy. During his segment, […]

Fighting over a man is a losing battle for every woman involved, even the one that eventually gets him. I love a good, gag-worthy reality show, and the current season of “Love & Hip Hop” has yet to disappoint. While not all of the story lines are compelling, I can’t resist tuning in! But as […]

After a string of being in not-so-great relationships, getting into a great one comes with a whole new set of challenges. Insecurity, doubting your own common sense, lies, misdirection, sleepless nights, endless worries. These are all part of the nightmare that are bad relationships, and nearly all of us have been there. You met someone […]