The dark secrets of Nickelodeon's past in Investigation Discovery's new docuseries, "Quiet on Set," raised more than a few eyebrows on X.

The Grammy winner responds to the lawsuit filed against her as a questionable interview from one of her accusers surfaces.

Lizzo was hit with a lawsuit from three of her background dancers who are alleging sexual assault among other offenses.

A Black clerical worker who worked in the same office as Bill O'Reilly accused the Fox News Host of harassment, saying he called her "hot chocolate" and leered at her.

The U.S. Bureau of Prisons paid more than $2 million in bonuses to top administrators and wardens during the past three years, even though many prisons were plagued with issues including huge sexual harassment suits.

California Rep. Maxine Waters said that Bill O'Reilly "needs to go to jail" and that his network is a "sexual harassment enterprise" during an MSNBC interview Wednesday.


Even when you’d rather throw hands, here’s how you tackle the issue and still keep your job—and your freedom.

After the death of Janese Talton-Jackson, a woman who was shot by a random man for rejecting his advances, Jeff Johnson explains why we’re only doing half of…

 Yes the day has come where 4th graders are being considered  sexual predators for writing “I love You” notes in class. According to Bossip: A 4th grader is being threatened with sexual harassment charges, but he doesn’t even know what sexual harassment means! The 9-year-old Tampa Fl. boy wrote a few letters… And now he’s being […]


In a newly filed lawsuit, former Detroit councilman Charles Pugh is being sued by a teenage boy who alleges that Pugh “aggressively pursued” him while facilitating a leadership program…

Things are getting crazy in New London, New Hampshire. The police chief just relinquished his position after a woman accused him of offering to drop…