Brian Dawson took some time to speak to youth about being the best they could be for the North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Check out pictures from Brian’s visit. Related Stories: Brian Dawson hosts Kroger Health Fair Brian Dawson’s 2013 EOG recap Brian Dawson’s 3rd Annual Kuts for Kids

The way different people think about time is important to consider because by seeing life from a past, present, or future perspective could affect your life in a variety of ways. While past-oriented people see life as something involved with tradition, future thinkers are always planning for upcoming events, even if they’re years away. Those […]

Sometimes it can be hard to do what you set out to do. For whatever reason, the values that you hold dear, like work ethic, are not doing anything for you at a particular moment. Maybe you set goals for yourself, but in the end, you feel like you are contradicting yourself because they never […]