Wake County Register of Deeds hosts a Passport Fair on April 29, offering convenient passport application assistance for travelers.

Before you book your next trip, check out the best days for booking a flight.

Airbnb implements a global ban on indoor security cameras, requiring hosts to remove them by April 30

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Microhotels provide just-the-right-size rooms and necessities without sacrificing quality and comfort.

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Here are 5 tips that will help bring your vacation dreams to fruition without breaking the bank.

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Since the thawing of longstanding oppositional relations between the United States and Cuba in the past year, the island nation has seen a serious uptick…

“One of our big mottos is book now, plan later,” Evita Robinson, founder of the Nomadness Travel Tribe gleefully admits. Even though we were chatting on the phone, I felt like I could see her fingering the pages of her passport with a smile stretched across her lips. Robinson’s got every right to be proud […]

One day before Thanksgiving…. The day that everyone has been waiting for- good food and fellowshipping with family and friends. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram and let us know what your holiday plans are. Related Stories: Thanksgiving Night at Solas! Thanksgiving Night, Come Hang Out With Me At Solas!!! Text “K975” To 52140 for […]


Ricki Stevenson, founder of Black Paris Tours joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” to discuss black history in one of the most popular cities in…