Someone has gone and lost their mind again on someone else’s child.  Remember the old man in the Wal-mart slapping the woman’s child twice.  Well, this time it was even worse.  The Milwaukee teacher hasn’t been identified yet, but the little girl’s mother immediately addressed her.

The little girl told her mother that her teacher had cut her braid off.   The physical appearance of the child had to be shocking to her mother in addition to her daughter’s story.   Her mom immediately came directly to the teacher (more than likely to exact a beat down on her).

She didn’t go straight into Vaseline and sneaker mode though, she gave her time to explain.  The teacher says she was sorry, but she was”frustrated.”  There would have been no more words.

The teacher was perturbed with the little girl playing with her braids.  She had beads on her hair and she repeatedly ran her hand through them and the teacher got tired of it.  She not only cut her hair for the class to see, she tricked the little girl into coming to her by saying she would give her candy.

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