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Damn Boosie is in trouble again…For the second time in the last few months Boosie Bad Azz has been caugh trying to sneak drugs into a Louisiana prison facility. For some reason Torrence Hatch just hasn’t grasped the concept of staying out of trouble while incacerated.

The rapper attempted to have an associate mix 1 ounce of codeine syrup with a soft drink, but a confidential source blew the whistle on Lil Boosie’s drug smuggling scheme.

Lil Boosie has been charged with one count of criminal conspiracy to take contraband to and from a penal institution, and another count of inciting a felony.

All told the rapper is facing another five years in prison with the new charges.

Additionally Lil Boosie could potentially face the death penalty, for his role in an alleged murder conspiracy that resulted in the death of a 35-year-old named Terry Boyd, in October 2009.

Lil Boosie is charged with first-degree murder, after allegedly paying a 16-year-old named Michael “Marlo Mike” Louding to kill Boyd, who was shot through a window in his house.

Louding is also charged with five other murders including the shooting death of Christopher “Nussie” Jackson, who was also gunned down in 2009.