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Oprah Winfrey has been frank about her desire to book O.J. Simpson for an interview. The interview would surely be a ratings smash for the talk show deity turned cable channel runner, but don’t hold your breath on it ever happening.

This comes from Norman Pardo, the 51-year-old former promoter for the incarcerated football legend. Pardo says after an article ran about a movie he’s working on about O.J. he was contacted by a producer on behalf of Oprah.

Unfortunately for Mother O, it seems O.J. has beef with her that’s been lingering for more than a decade now.

The New York Daily News reports:

Pardo contends that Oprah has been “one-sided,” bringing only people who would talk about “how bad [Simpson] was” on to “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” which ended last year.

In the sizzle reel for his flick, which can be viewed at, Simpson voices the same thoughts about the media mogul prior to his jail sentencing. “ ‘Oprah Winfrey’ … They would say something that everyone knew wasn’t true, and she wouldn’t get them on it,” Simpson says at the end of the five-minute clip.

The type of confessional interview Winfrey supposedly wants also may be impossible to acquire, if Pardo is correct.

Winfrey and the producers “want him to go on her show and confess to something he doesn’t really believe he did,” Pardo says.

But he does say there is one way Winfrey can snag the exclusive sit-down. “She can get him to confess, don’t get me wrong. Everyone has their price,” Pardo insists. “If she can get him out of prison, that is.”

Pardo says he plans to ask Simpson if he’s willing to do the interview with Oprah from behind bars the next time the former footballer calls him. He doesn’t think his pal will budge, however.

“She dreams that O.J. comes on her show and confesses his sins, and that’s just sort of silly,” Pardo laughs. “That would be like Oprah going on Fox News and confessing how bad she ran OWN network. It’s not going to happen!”



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