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The old saying goes that “hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned,” but evidently dudes are capable of catching feelings as well. Rapper AP.9 has released a new set of photos with Ice-T’s wife Coco and has provided what he claims is a text message to the original gangster about their affair.

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During an interview with San Francisco’s 106 KMEL he went into detail about their physical encounter as part of his campaign to clear his name.  When news of the alleged affair first broke Coco dismissed him as a groupie and he insists that he was something much more than that.

“To me it don’t matter if I smash her down 10 times, one time, five times… if it happened, it happened,” he explained.

“A lotta people don’t know this, me and Ice-T had a conversations. We talked about this, this is old. People don’t believe me. Like oh ‘He’s just trying to get 15 minutes of fame,’ Not knowing that me and Ice-T been talking, she confessed to him. The world don’t know this, to the world I look like some jerk.”

In the text message to Ice-T AP9 said that he was not trying to mess up his relationship and that “we all grown.”

“Respect bro! I’m not trying to [censored] up your relationship bro!! I tex Co and asked her to meet up with me on some fly [censored] to let her know the same!! We all grown bro!! I’m not gonna thro your name under the bus!!! Imma stay fly but I am gonna clear my name from looking like a stalker and some male groupie cause that’s what I look like right now!! One love and I wish y’all the best!”

Here are some of the photos and you can watch the interview over at HipHopWired.

So does this make him seem less like a groupie or more?

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