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jay z There is an unauthorized Documentary on Jay Z that his lawyers is trying to stop from being released. “A Genius Leaves The Hood” is basically talking about Jay Z leaving the hood where he grew up at in Brooklyn and not giving back to his community. My personal feelings about this is that Jay Z should NOT be condemned for leaving the hood. I mean really isn’t that what the average person do, when they can afford a better lifestyle in a better neighborhood don’t they move. Is it because of his wealth that he is wrong for leaving the hood? Jay Z grew up in the projects in Brooklyn just as many other have done and chose the path that made him who he is today. Why didn’t other he grew up with become Jay Z’s? Is it because they were waiting for someone to give it to them and not work for it like Jay Z. Yes before Rap Jay Z was a drug dealer just as were many other wealthy business owners but because you can relate to Jay Z he gets condemned for not giving back to his hood. Just because he grew up in your neighborhood and made it does he owe you???? Question …is it your responsibility to take care of everyone you grew up with because you earn more than they do????? My thought is Jay Z didn’t ask for the fame , fortune and responsibility that came with him being one of the greatest rappers of all ….he is just a man who followed his dream and made it and now the public feel like since he did it he owes the world. If you don’t like it I suggest you stop purchasing his music, concert tickets, etc. and take that money and give to the hood that you don’t think he support like he should. We all know  that Whom much is given , much is required ….so on that note I ask you to look at yourself and ask what have you done for your hood lately?  I wonder if whomever is doing this documentary will be giving up profits for the hood or is looking for a big payday for themselves……..

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